Corporate language trainings and language audits

We run courses in every region of Slovakia.

Our trainers give lessons in your corporate premises. We can provide general and specialised language courses. Before starting a project we carry out a language audit, including written and oral testing, measurement of participants’ current level, specification of the course’s content and its objective.

Levels can be defined in two ways


A verbal classification beginner / elementary / intermediate / upper intermediate (effective operational proficiency) / expert, (translator).


The levels A1 / A2 / B1 / B2 / C1 / C2 based on the Common European Reference Framework for Languages.

Based on our own monitoring and measurement in cooperation with multinational companies, we are able to estimate, from the ordered number of hours, how long it will take a client to progress through a given number of language levels. A high-quality trainer and a good course book are givens.

If the aim of a course is to reach a higher language level, unsystematic training based on randomly photocopied material rather than a course book is a waste of time and the company’s money no matter how interesting it may appear at first sight.

By agreement with the client, we also supply BRAINY vocabulary books and BRAINY recordings, which are especially suitable for beginners and elementary learners. At this level, learners need to drill full sentences and practice the correct pronunciation, intonation and melody of the language. The better they tackle these skills, the faster their development in comprehension and then in speaking.

It gives us great satisfaction that the clients we care for have been our partners for many years, practically from their entry into the Slovak market. Our clients.