About us

My name is Jana Lajčáková and I have been involved in corporate language training for 27 years. Naturally, the early days were a bit rough and ready compared to today.

We will not see anything like the 1990s again. We hardly felt the need for capital, because we didn’t really see that we were laying the foundations for new businesses. The spa town of Nimnica and Hotel Neptun became our home from home. Local trains instead of cars, a rucksack instead of a designer suitcase, no promotional items, no adverts in the newspaper. Training all day, making recordings at night, three hours of sleep. Over and over. For years. Many years.

26. 5. 2019

PhDr. Jana Lajčáková

Gaining experience. I got my start teaching in secondary school, thinking about how to interest the students, what would be the quickest and easiest way to introduce them to new information so that they would get joy from the whole process. My husband contributed the fruits of his research at what was then the University of Transport and Communications in Žilina, which is now the University of Žilina.

Now BRAINY is one of the elite institutions in the Slovak market with an international clientele and several business lines including its own licensed products. A few years ago, the time came for me to pass on my experience, enthusiasm and brand to my dear colleagues, who are now spreading our educational philosophy and ethic under the BrainyJAM logo.

I have my work, my hobby and my friendships all in one and that is the reality that I live in. I would like to thank all my customers and suppliers for fair, systematic, responsible and creative cooperation.

We have worked with most of our international clients practically from the first moment they entered the Slovak market, 15 or 20 years ago. What binds us together is the desire for innovation and higher quality in education, openness to change and implementing new trends and methods.

At present BRAINY offers and provides language training in many forms, from the most simple and traditional to more demanding, unconventional, unique and alternative forms. Based on our own research and monitoring carried out in cooperation with our clients, we are able to design a training process that will fit the client’s timetable, budget and desired outcomes.