Translations and interpretation

We have a highly qualified and stable team of translators and interpreters who enable us to guarantee you the highest quality results.

  • When you send us a text for translation, we will reply as soon as possible with a price quotation.
  • We price our translation and interpretation services to be accessible and every job is priced individually after consultation with the customer.
  • We can provide officially certified or uncertified translations as required and we can handle any job whether simple or demanding, specialised or general, large or small, including manuals and instructions in any European language.
  • In the case of officially certified translations, you can decide whether the translation should be bound with the original, a copy or a notarised copy.
  • We will be happy to provide consultation.
  • In long-term cooperation we ensure that translations and interpretation are provided by the same translator or interpreter to ensure continuity of terminology and style.