Our trainers

BRAINY works with more than eighty language trainers all over Slovakia. I remember how one of our foreign clients, the owner of a well-known transnational company, said that a firm’s most valuable assets are its people. That’s the truth. Our business partners appreciate the stability and quality of our team. Some of our trainers have been working with use for 15–20 years. Others are young people that we recruit every year.

Allow me to introduce three of my dear colleagues:

Mgr. Ivana Hološ Šimakova

I met PhDr. Jana Lajčáková, the owner of BRAINY, in 2009. That meeting left a strong impression on both of us; we knew at once that we wanted to work together. I started out as a teacher and later I began helping with office work. I got to know Jana better as we cooperated on projects. These included summer camps for children and a revamp of our translation and interpretation section.

As time went by, I became the manager of this section and in 2012 I took over management of the company BRAINY SK. Many years have passed since then, bringing countless experiences and shared memories. I now work as chief executive of the BRAINY group and I am the co-owner and managing director of three licensed companies (BrainyL2H, BrainyJAM and Jazyková škola Krásno). My thirteen years with BRAINY have given me much more than I can summarise in a few short lines. Educating students and passing on knowledge, helping them achieve language skills beyond what they thought they were capable of. Working with successful people who enrich me every day. Professional experience of management and business. Self-confidence and personal growth on a daily basis. Passing on the BRAINY method, whose efficiency and creativity were evident to me at first sight. All this is BRAINY for me.

PaedDr. Karolína Magdadiová

For me, teaching English means opening a realm of infinite possibilities for my clients. My long experience of fair cooperation with BRAINY has given me free rein to apply my extensive experience in day-to-day teaching because it imposes no limits on the teacher and enables them to use creative teaching techniques that are the foundation of success. In BRAINY you can be sure of finding an approach tailored to your needs, high-quality study materials and truly outstanding teachers.

PaedDr. Erika Rapavá

I have been cooperating with BRAINY as a teacher of German since 2011. I have been developing the BRAINY system and method of teaching as a licensed partner in the BrainyJAM language centre Trnava since 2015. Although it is said that good things will sell themselves, when you put your heart into good quality teaching, add the joy of passing on knowledge and you have the support of your family and BRAINY colleagues, work becomes a delight and success is guaranteed.

Mgr. Ivan Uhlár

Several years of great cooperation have offered me a chance to teach English language in successful and established companies within the Trenčín region. This allows me to grow professionally as well as move forward continuously, which will surely be appreciated especially by my students. BRAINY has impressed me with the quality selection of textbooks, along with the provision of their own additional study materials to clients. This way, the teaching can be more varied and the potential for students’ progress more significant.

Mgr. Dominika Kepštová

I have been cooperating with BRAINY since 2018.

Personally, I mostly appreciate that thanks to this company I have a chance to teach a diverse clientele, which is a great benefit for me from the professional point of view.

Each client has different language priorities and thus I am grateful for an individual and innovative approach from the BRAINY management, which allows the lecturer to fully use his/her creative potential and innovative spirit.

Communication with the BRAINY team is always open and professional. Even in the current situation, to me, they are a strong point in uncertain times and I am sincerely thankful for that.

Mgr. Veronika Pastorková

My cooperation with BRAINY has started several years ago during my study of translation and interpreting when I wanted to spend time effectively during the summer break. However, my demands were quite high. I was looking for something that would be closely related to my specialization, broadening my horizons, and being enjoyable at the same time. That’s how I’ve found BRAINY. Or better, how we’ve found each other. Ever since the first interview, we’ve never parted and after graduation, my preference for this job was clear. Thanks to the clientele the BRAINY brand has built up and continues to successfully expand, I can teach people from various professions not only from Slovakia, but also from abroad. Thanks to the brainy method I can see the fruits of my work relatively quickly, because it WORKS and understandably, effective learning is very important not just for companies, but also for private clients. Moreover, this system is easily combinable with all kinds of ideas my creativity reaches to, and which I can fully use to make teaching more vivid and interesting. And that’s what it’s all about. Not only to learn the language, but to master it in a way, so that the clients are looking forward to the next lesson, either during the company teaching or at the BRAINY language center.