Our trainers

BRAINY works with more than eighty language trainers all over Slovakia. I remember how one of our foreign clients, the owner of a well-known transnational company, said that a firm’s most valuable assets are its people. That’s the truth. Our business partners appreciate the stability and quality of our team. Some of our trainers have been working with use for 15–20 years. Others are young people that we recruit every year.

Allow me to introduce three of my dear colleagues:

Mgr. Lucia Beneová

who I rely on in the Košice region.

I have been working with the language services company Brainy since 2013. Professional development is very important for me as a language trainer and therefore I am grateful for the chance to learn new methods and techniques for teaching foreign languages. The Brainy method is a method that anyone can use, wherever they are in Slovakia.

In Brainy I have found professional and friendly colleagues that I am always happy to meet with and share teaching experience.

Mgr. Ján Šimák

a pillar of strength in Žilina, Považská Bystrica, in Kysuce and at our BRAINY international language centre.

There are many reasons why I like teaching for Brainy. I can pass on my knowledge to others. Something even more important is that I can use a unique and efficient method that still leaves me space for creativity. It allows me to make teaching fun. We see every client as an individual and we always do our best to satisfy their requirements. When I got the chance to invest in a BrainyJAM licence, I didn’t hesitate. My sister is also devoted to BRAINY and we run a language school together where we fully implement the Brainy method. In my seven years as a language trainer, I have had the chance to work with people from many areas who have taught me a great deal.

Brainy is not just about students learning a foreign language as quickly and cost-effectively as possible; it wants its trainers to improve and grow in a friendly, family environment and it really creates conditions for that.

Mgr. Barbora Keketiová

She needs no introduction after many years with us in Bratislava, Trnava and also at the BRAINY centre.

I still remember the first time I met Jana Lajčáková, the owner of the Brainy language school. Not just because it was something out of the ordinary but above all because it was the beginning of a fascinating and intensive collaboration that would have a fundamental effect on my personal development that could never happen anywhere else.

In our 15 years of cooperation, I have had the chance to get to know and teach many clients from Slovakia and other countries, which makes me feel like I've visited all their countries :-)

Not everyone gets the chance to experience a residential course in our language centre at Krásno, where our cooperation began. The intensive and effective work with clients convinced me straightaway that it was the best way for a busy modern person to learn a language. This is why I always accept every invitation to teach there. I am confident that one day I will also try it out as a client when I decide to add another language to the German, Spanish, English and Slovak that I know.