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Individual courses can be ordered at any time.

Our international BRAINY center KRASNO is an ideal place for developing language skills and managerial abilities, being at the same time an ideal setting for times of relax and rest. With this knowledge and experience, our clients from Slovakia, Germany, USA and Poland keep coming back to us. 

Brainy centre lies in the north-west part of Slovakia, 23km from Žilina, 220km from Bratislava and just 145km from Krakow. Right here, in this specialized premises, we organize residential intensive language courses for adults and young learners. Walks, hiking, bonfire, barbeque party, sport activities, archery and other beautiful experiences will help you relax and revitalize. 

Our centre offers various forms of relaxation, such as sauna, Jacuzzi, table tennis, agreeable and cosy bar. Accommodation is provided in single and double rooms with bathrooms en suite. You will remember our great home cuisine for a long time after.


The founders of the language school Brainy capitalized on their long-term knowledge in teaching foreign languages and observation of our mind functioning and designed a specific method of teaching foreign languages – the Brainy method. The method is applied in its entire scope in BRAINY centre KRÁSNO. As of 2001 the Brainy method is also applied in managerial trainings. 

The aim of teaching always remains the communication in a foreign language. Priorities and sequence of individual steps are adapted to the ultimate goal of learning with an emphasis on the personality of a teacher, who is a highly- skilled professional. Our teaching is at least three times faster and more effective than just a regular form of teaching commonly used elsewhere.


Methods of fast learning ensure that the subject being taught is regularly revised.


When the teaching time is interrupted by short breaks, the rate of remembering increases substantially.


Special language recordings

These recordings are created in cooperation with foreign language professionals. They are an audio version of Brainy dictionaries and other teaching texts. With the help of these materials, you master the subject taught by a lector in the teaching session and afterwards, you use them at home to revise and drill what you have been taught.


Music activates the right hemisphere. We use the recordings of Hemi-sync type together with our own production, which is created by cooperating with the musician Ivo Sedláček.

Brainy dictionaries

These are the written version of the language recordings. They speed up the process of new material presentation and are used mainly in the drilling phase of the learning process. What you learn by visual memory in using the dictionaries becomes a basis for e-mail writing and other correspondence.

Mind maps

We monitor the latest trends on textbook markets, based on what we chose textbooks that we include in our teaching. In addition, we create a picture version of the texts, which positively impacts on your ability to memorize, fluent speech and self-reliant communication.

Easy physical exercises

This is an ideal break in between the teaching sessions. They help to remove fatigue and physiologically support brain activity.

Equipment for brain stimulation

The rhythm of the flashing light and pulsating sound will naturally tune-in your mind into a desired learning mode. After only ten minutes of exposure to the audio-lighting stimulation, ALFA and THETA frequencies of brain waves become active. This state is optimal for memorization, creativity, work with imagination and information.

Special tea

Thanks to their salutary effects on central nervous system, they are one of the best brain stimulants.


This is intensive mind training. By means of drumming, we achieve a state called PRÚDENIE – FLOW, which is, in the view of emotional intelligence, the peak of performance, concentration and motivation.

MM - Mind management

Mind management (MM) is a know-how that enables us to achieve an effective use of brain capacity. The fact that we devote time to our clients for thorough preparation before the start of teaching, results in higher perceptiveness and ability to process new information.





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